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ABCD March 2013

March 3, 2013

Last time the Artists’ Book Club at the Dove met, each of us wrote on a slip of paper a suggestion for a theme to work on, and then one was drawn  out of a bowl. The theme was “Given”.

Here are some of the resulting works.

Elaine Knight3

Elaine Knight based her book-in-a-box on the Anglo-Saxon rune X, geofu, meaning gift. Closed, the book is about the size of a thumb.

Jane Paterson

Jane Paterson used the sea’s gift of a piece of draft-wood shaped like a creature’s head as the basis for a mysterious and intuitive hanging book. More detail can be seen by clicking on the photo. The small ritualistic marks on the wood are worth looking for.

Clare Diprose1

Clare Diprose’s book is a water-colour sketch folded to enclose a poem and a paste-paper pouch containing a book no bigger than a postage-stamp.

Clare Diprose3

Judith Staines

Judith Staines made a book in the style of a Japanese account-book. The lists of names within are printed on Japanese paper that Judith bought on a recent trip to the Matsuo Washi Factory.

Karen Young1

Karen Young made a set of five booklets in a slip-case, all constructed with her usual meticulous attention to detail. Each booklet deals with a colour suggested by one letter of the word “Given”; they contain technical data, short poems commissioned from the artist’s husband Ross Young, and a couple of botanical paintings.

Rowena Pearce made a beautiful set of stab-bound booklets with paste-paper covers, but took them home before I got my camera out! I hope to be able to photograph them next month.

The starting-point for my “book” was a mis-reading of a magazine headline. This grew into a short poem that demanded nocturnal and maritime colouring. Trying to re-create an origami box that I learned to make years ago, I experimented with a square of scrap paper and ended up with a different, but more useful, origami box: another “given”! I then made a version of it from a 24cm square piece of card, wrote the poem on it, painted it on both sides and gave it a lid to hold it together.

Given 1

When the lid is taken off the box opens up like a flower.

Given 2

Below is the plan for the box. The light pencil lines are construction-lines, the solid lines are mountain-folds and the dotted lines are valley-folds.

box plan

Oddly enough, the theme drawn out of the bowl for next month was “Found”!

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