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July: Al-Mutanabbi Street

July 12, 2012

My first task this month was to bind copy V of the A-Z edition “What is a book” for fellow Al-Mutanabbi Street book-artist and poet Mavina Baker who had seen a copy in the recent exhibition in Westminster Reference Library. (See Small Editions, above, for details of the what and why of this book.) This one has a silk cover dyed with pomegranate, turmeric and logwood and the title is stitched in a greenish-brown waxed thread.

Mavina came to collect it this morning, and I now have a copy of an exquisite little book “Atropos”, made by her at Penland.

Beau Beausoleil wrote in a recent email:
The Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition is seeking an additional 12 artists’ book makers for its project, An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street. We are seeking the very best people that we can find who will provide us with artists’ book responses to the 2007 car bombing of al-Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad. We have an extensive exhibit schedule that will start in 2013, one that includes the U.S., the UK., Europe, Australia, and Cairo, Egypt. This call will run from July 1st – July 30th, 2012. We have but six months until the start of our exhibitions and hope that these new members of our project will be able to complete their contribution (3 books) in time for our first exhibition in 2013.
Background material on the project will be made available to each participant. A good starting place for project information is our project website   You can find our original call to book artists on this site.

You can also view some examples of books already made for An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street on this gallery website
Interested book artists in Ireland, the UK., Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Australia should contact Sarah Bodman at
Interested book artists in the U.S. Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, should contact Beau Beausoleil at
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